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24 May

Hello Gentlemen, As you may have heard from popular culture, there are a few rules in which you should wait to contact a girl so you don’t look “desperate”.The 3-Day Rule occurs when a male meets a female for the first time (usually a bar, cooking class or animal farm) and the male procures the female’s phone number.We need to strongly resist the temptation to react immediately. At the very least, you’ll be calmer and more rational when approaching the potential minefield.We need to gird our energies and harness our self-control. Wait 24 hours (this is a corollary to the “Yes, go to bed angry rule”). Maybe the interaction wasn’t as bleak as you imagined. The 24 hour rule – a short, simple idea, with unlimited potential to salvage all of our relationships. Please check out Emuna’s new book A Diamond for Your Daughter – A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Shidduchim Effectively, available through Judaica Press Emuna Braverman has a law degree from the University of Toronto and a Masters in in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University.Before you know it, her friends are telling her she can do better than you.

Frequently the email turns out not to be as bad as originally thought, to read differently than our early morning blurry eyes told us. ) Imagine your child brings home a less than stellar report card (this isn’t always such a stretch! ” “Doesn’t she appreciate all my daughter’s wonderful qualities? Losing your temper with the teacher will not make her your ally in helping your child succeed. Likewise, lashing out at the child with the underwhelming report card seems unlikely to result in the desired behavior.Or the perspective of an additional day diminishes its negative impact. ” “I’ve given the best years of my life to this company! ” But, in this case, it’s not just the relationship at stake; it’s your family’s financial future. But wait 24 hours where possible before responding. ” You pick up the phone to call and give her a piece of your mind. Wait 24 hours and then have a calm, patient discussion – reflecting appreciation for the teacher and love and concern for your child.It occurred to me recently that this rule could be applied to almost all situations and relationships, whether the communication is in person, over the phone, via Skype, email or text message. The price of an outburst is just too high (although all too common). This rule would make the most difference in our marriages.“If you have a one-night stand with a guy and he doesn’t call or text you within 24 hours afterward, he’s not interested.” — Jane “If you have a growth mindset, you can make the first and subsequent sexual experiences even better with this simple communication skill.” Now Jane has a great sex life and enjoys dating.But she doesn’t go all stalker on them or spend her time fretting too long about the ones that don’t circle back in a timely manner. (There are three fabulous skills for you below, darling.) MOVE FORWARD She has sex ONLY with men where she knows it’s an experience she wants to have.