Are senri and rima dating

06 Feb

Shiki possesses a personality similar to that of Rima Toya.He is usually impassive, and often detached to the rest of the vampires except for Rima and Ichijo.Type: Yaoi, Slight Yuri, Straight Notes: This part of the story is mostly still Kaname x Akira but it also full of a lot of Isaya x Roku moments and the last 8 or so chapters are dedicated to Isaya and Roku as well as Isaya's past.Akira Kuran is one of the four remaining purebloods from the Kuran Clan.

Senri means "1,000 ri." Senri inherits most of his appearance from his mother.

Then, he was lying awake at night regretting how he had acted his entire life and now he had his best friend reciprocating the feelings he had denied for so long."Oh, sorry." Pause. ""I don't know…we'll wake up the others." She blushed as she said it, which made Shiki love her all the better."Pretty please?

It was incredible how different he felt now than how he felt just a couple of days ago.

Occasionally, they would be visited by Aidou and Kain for updates on dorm stats or their best friend, Rima Touya. Now stop badgering me and get back to your manga.""She likes you, you know?

The two followed this routine everyday so Shiki was surprised one night when Ichijou put down his manga and asked, "Shiki, Valentine's Day is coming up."Without looking up from his magazines, Shiki grunted a reply. I mean, we've lived with each other for practically our entire lives. And plus, if I give chocolates to her, I bet she'll freak out."Ichijou frowned, "Shiki, how clueless can you be? " Ichijou muttered quietly from his side of the room. Vampires don't fall in love when they're three; they need to grow fangs in order to begin the process of attraction. I mean, I also think Ruka's pretty attractive and I'm not getting Ruka chocolates.""That's only because Ruka chases after Kaname while everyone that looks at her might end up as Akatsuki's barbecue.