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13 Feb

most people feel the dating scene in Sweden is confusing to say the least …“Swedish men and women seem pretty different to me, it seems that the men don’t have to do much work in getting ladies because the women seem to make most of the advances, I swear they are another breed : P, they are very strong women.In America the women usually sit back and wait for the guys, but in Sweden the men sit back and wait for the ladies.” Its true to say that the dating topic has no end and no beginnings.If you’re in Sweden for Valentine’s Day and about to go on your first date with a Swede, here are some insights on what you could/should expect.Sweden is one of the world’s most equal countries when it comes to gender equality and the norms of what a date could look like.So the dating scene has undergone a total makeover the last 30 years or so.Even though many countries have adapted to the same, more liberal norms, Sweden has probably taken it one step further.," descending into a discussion about the difficulty and frustration of the Stockholm housing market, and complaining that you have had to move seven times in the course of six months.

I was initially skeptical until I found out its done by young and old these days, ranging from straight forward dating sites to more ‘social sites’ like then ranging as far as sites like is basically selling to the swedish people ‘discreet affairs’. This site was launched last year, because there is obviously a main stream market for such things! “He asked me out once but I couldn’t go as I was away. Being an English woman I just thought he would ask again if he liked me but am I wrong in that if his Swedish part is at the fore lol. ”Emelie “Why do Swedes have to do all this pussy-footing around to find love and a relationship? I bet deep down many Swedish men and woman cry at night in fear of an old age spent beautiful, lonely and alone! 🙂 “I just spent ten days in Stockholm after backpacking my way around europe and Id have to say that the rules here seem to work like anywhere else.

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I've heard that the dating culture and romantic relationships are quite different between America and the Scandinavian countries.

So to get the ball rolling, here’s a little taste of what people are saying about Dating in Stockholm.

Just to whet your appetite 😉 ‘ONLINE dating is HUGE in sweden. When I wen’t to Canada and the United States i saw a lot of far more beatufiul girls there then our pale white blond girls… ’ Daniel“…what I’ve learned about my Swedish bf so far, well he is shy, kind, and well-mannered, has a heart the size of Jupiter, and is very thoughtful, smart, funny, and romantic.