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22 Apr

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Two mothers who were sexually abused by their Catholic primary school teacher more than 30 years ago joined forces to make sure he stays on the sex offenders register for life.

Kate Taylor, 37, and Kerrie Jones, 35, were among seven schoolgirls who were abused by Gerard Kelly when they were just six years old.

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CPI is the average earnings per start for an individual runner divided by the average earnings per start for all horses of the same crop and gender that raced in the same country for a given year. Runners represent the stallion’s top performers for the year and are displayed according to a hierarchy that gives first preference to the date, graded stakes, stakes, and then non-stakes races. Older results will remain listed if no new performances occur to replace them.At the beginning of a new year, this section will display the top performers for the previous year through March 31 but a preference is given to current year runners.® MSN UK shuts Member Directory over paedo fears Watch out! Many of the regular users here simply refer to us as scsc.