Clooney dating george hatcher teri who is charlie mcdonnell dating

11 Apr

George dated Italian model Elisabetta Canalis for two years, before confirming the end of their relationship in June 2011.

The rumour mill immediately spun into overdrive, claiming Canalis’ desire to marry may have led to the break-up.

She told an Italian magazine just weeks before the split: ?

I am a firm believer in marriage, in the future I will be married.

Mr Bush's chief of staff Jean Becker revealed that the actress and former president, who left office in 1993, have been firm friends for about three years - and regularly email each other their news.

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Ms Hatcher, 42, who plays Susan Mayer in TV's Desperate Housewives, was even treated to a pat on the bottom by the ex-President. Back with fresh smut and a better week on Sunday night. Call me crazy but I think I’d rather look at the man called Fergie than at Teri Hatcher and her crumbling face. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see her with some curves. If you"re still bored, go through my archives and figure out my blind items. Major buzz in Hollywood that Teri Hatcher and George Clooney went out on a date a few days ago. While neither of them are talking, every gossip worth her smut is running around trying to get confirmation. But I didn’t think Teri Hatcher looked too bad tonight.A Desperate Housewife warmly embracing an older man after an intimate lunch date may not seem all that unusual...until you realise he's an 82-year-old former US President.