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19 Feb

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam and the age of consent is 18. Sometimes it’s best to trying to find a "good" girl in Hanoi.Vietnamese girls, while being more hard to get than Thai, Lao or Khmer girls, are very passionate and open to foreigners.If you are looking at our website, you may be planning your move to Hanoi and looking for a good source of information.Or you may be a Club member wanting more information about our activities, a potential sponsor, charitable partner or participant in our Annual Charity Bazaar. With warmest best wishes, Gill Lever The Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC)is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political group run entirely by volunteers.The temple was meant to look like a lotus flower blossoming from a single pillar in the pond, similar to the one seen in the prophetic dream of a child that this emperor had received.Inside, there is a small shrine to the Bodhisattva of Mercy.

Fruit vendors spend their days pushing bikes and re-arranging their specimens into perfectly conical formation, meticulously examining longans or lychees for flaws.Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital lies in the North of the country and is one of the country’s top tourist hot spots.It offers French-colonial architecture, a rich food culture and a long history (the city celebrated its millennium in 2010.) The most well known and important districts in Hanoi are Ba Dinh District (aka the French Quarter) where the government offices are located and Hoan Kiem District (aka the Old Quarter) which is considered the city’s business hub and main tourist destination.Visitors have no choice but to face the traffic in the local style but the experience of exploring the historical area is a must-do and truly well worth it.Dear All, Welcome to Hanoi International Women’s Club (HIWC)!