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31 Jan

Sadly, they’re starting their ‘spro program with LA Mill, which obvs I distain, but they’re also in a partnership with a neighborhood roaster who’s roasting their custom orders.

These guys are both local, graduated from Schurr, one of the gents was apparently at posh hotel?

The vibe is as cool as it gets, and with a unique cocktail menu, you’ll love it here. The golf center is also equipped with a computer-aided swing monitoring device and pneumatic height adjustment. Under the Grand Spa building at West Sixth Street and Virgil Avenue, guests will pass a makeshift night market and a stairwell will lead them underground.

The Egyptian-themed interior gives the space an exotic feel while guests are drawn to its great atmosphere, tasty Korean dishes and of course its eclectic song selection.

137 S San Gabriel Monterey Park: the beloved, burnt down Seafood Palace is finally back online after a few months of remodeling work. That said, why bother eating MSG-drenched seafood at any of the Boston/LA/Newport/Maine/Saigon Seafood Cantonese shops when you can have this mf’er at Hip Hot Restaurant just up the street? San Gabriel and Monterey Park: SGV is getting more and more Chinese food trucks. Bao Kitchen failed, it was flipped to Formosa Taste, which used to park at Kembo’s space.

There's not much residential space on the K-Town strip, and many of New York's 140,000 or so Korean residents live in the outer boroughs, especially in Flushing, Queens.

But visit the street and you'll see groups of Korean teens and businessmen who, along with the tourists, come for the Korean barbecue chicken, sugary pastries, and raw fish.

K-town has a flourishing scene of bars, restaurants and some of the best spas in L. along with a dense concentration of nightclubs and 24-hour businesses.

From having a drink to shopping to going to a spa, there are a plethora of options for those curious to explore, here are 10 of the best. Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 368-3030 the boutique and ultra-cool and newer Line Hotel is its watering hole, the Pot Lobby Bar.