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Now the date of abandonment is put later, but raises the unanswered question as to why a Portuguese document from the 1530s refers to the settlement as a ruin.Access key 1: Go straight to homepage | Access key 2: Go straight to the main content of each page | Access key 3: Go straight to the Login page | Access key 4: Go straight to the Search box | Access key 5: Go straight to the directory | Access key 6: Go straight to the contact page | Access key 7: Go straight to publications | Access key 9: Go straight to the networks page | Access key 0: Go straight to the accessibility page | Author: Joost Fontein, Social Anthropology & Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh Date: 10/08/2009 html / PDF ISSN 2073-4158 Lecturer in social anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, editor of the .Our Free adult dating site is the internet’s new adult freeway.

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Excavated last year, the hut turned out to be large (just over nine yards in diameter), with a dividing wall and two entrances.

'We found spears and arrowheads on one side, and four hoes on the other.

The findings suggest the hut was used by spirit mediums and had secular and ritual space.

The five are Clement Radzokota (62), Taona Chiwanga (30), Hopewell Nyamukondiwa (37), Zorodzai Macheka (19) and Muchengeti Ndoro […] A SECOND year student nurse expelled from Gweru Provincial Hospital along with three of her colleagues for a series of misdemeanours, has allegedly threatened to commit suicide claiming she had been unfairly dismissed.

Miss Elain […] Francine Ngalula Kalala, the woman who gave birth at Park Station in the Joburg CBD, was allegedly turned away from three hospitals because of her asylum status.