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27 Apr

Jane's cousin Catalina (Sofia Pernas) intervened between Jane and her relationship with Rafael, where the former pushes Jane to flirt with Rafael.

The previous episode of "Jane the Virgin" also featured the relationship of Rogelio with Xo, where the latter was shown to be eyeing another man, Bruce who happens to be an old flame, Entertainment Weekly has recapped.

Since the writers have offered few personal details about Southerlyn (or most of the other characters), this was only conjecture — until last night.

In the final scene of the January 12, 2005 episode ("Ain't No Love"), District Attorney Branch (Fred Thompson) fired Southerlyn for being too passionate and personally involved with her work, telling her she would be better suited for advocacy work than criminal law. " Branch replied "No," and Southerlyn responded "Good…good" before the screen faded to black and the credits began to roll.

The upcoming episode 7 of "Jane the Virgin" season 3 seems to continue with more relationship conflicts as the synopsis reveals Jane still decided to tug along Mateo despite Rafael's wish to not bring the baby.

What could be the aftermath of Jane going against Rafael's wish? Furthermore, the seventh episode will feature how Rogelio seems to get desperate to move on without Xo as the synopsis also mentioned that Rogelio will be forced to employ a matchmaker as Rogelio thinks this would help him overcome his feelings for Xo.

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