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I'm visiting northern NSW for four days, with the aim of submitting to as many alternative therapies as possible. The kahuna There's a lot that's tough about this assignment.A rapid-fire mission to detox, and to compare and contrast various treatments. Mainly, the fact that I'm a shallow bloke attempting to have a profound experience.I strongly recommend elaborating your question to make it more exact.Otherwise, and with regards to the relatively low price offered for such a sophisticated historical question, I doubt that you will get a satisfying answer.The results of the 19th century thought was a composite of both the dominant optimism, the result of the growth of industry and democracy, and an emerging pessimism due to the failure of rationalism in social change, whether solutions to the problems of society was possible at all.Although the next generation of thinkers such as Georg Simmel, Max Weber, Henri Bergson, Emile Durkheim, Samuel Alexander, Edmund Husserl, and Sigmund Freud shared in the Weberian they also sought to save civilization from that fate.The following overview explores those general characteristics and their roots in the movements that dominated the given time frame, reflecting thorough consideration if not exhaustive treatment.The Renaissance spread across Europe roughly up from Italy to England @ 1300 to 1600.

The actress looked amazing as she hung out in Ibiza in a truly tiny set by Minimale Animale.

Instead of God as tyrant, we have the Rational Tyrant.

The dogma changes its clothes, but the incantation retains the same syllables, and the stench of the absolutist lingers in propaganda: the Yet, during the baptism of reason at the Hanging Gardens, we also sacrificed subjectivity: the marginalization of the passions and the emotions and intuition.

Attending a star-studded dinner at the Elysee Palace in Paris hosted by the French president Francois Hollande for Cuban President Raul Castro's state visit to Paris, the couple put on a glamorous display in black tie attire.

Dear kettler, With all due respect: Whole libraries of books have been written on this topic.