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15 May

Each person has the opportunity to get an illustration with Nathaniel or one of the other boys and it is determined with multiple dialogue.There are several ‘steps’ or 'dialogues’ one must go through to get the illustration they want.In the later versions of the game (including all Steam versions) you can now go out with Steve and dance with him at the end of the game.A transit is the passage of a planet across the Sun's bright disk.', GO - June 4, PC, Naughty topics between girls, 'It's fun talking with you', GO (monologue03,at Midnight) - June 5, PC, Looking like a naughty girl, 'Please do it when we do it', GO - June 6, PC, A virgin girl, 'I respect peole's past', GO - June 7, PC, An alarm clock, GO (masturbation scene,at Midnight) - June 8, sex scene - June 9, PC, Charms, 'It sounds so you', DATE - June 10, PC, The reason that she can't get up, 'Me too', GO - June 11, PC, Plans for the summer holidays, 'I'll take you to the beach', GO (monologue04,at Midnight) - June 12, PC, Aware of the opinion the others, 'You might not stand being alone', GO - June 13, PC, The reason for joining the club, 'Do you still think that? If you buy the fashion he likes, he might like you more, even if he doesn't say so.

Most romantic characters also have a 'friends' relationship available, for players not interested in pursuing the romance.

I have a picture of the hidden items at the end of this guide.

', GO (monologue03,at Midnight) - June 5, PC, Cooking skills, 'I'm looking forward to it', - June 6, PC, Rival, 'Are you confident about winning?

Engage in heated battles for the survival of the ninjas, while also enjoying sweet romance with handsome ninjas!!

I'll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too.