Hacked sex chat in mobiles

09 May

She said cops labeled it an “aggravated harassment” case. “I felt helpless and victimized.” Costa also said she received harassing emails following the hack.

The shaken second-year teacher is now requesting a safety transfer from Urban Action Academy.

A range of apps have been identified as being at risk, including banking apps, messenger apps and even an app that lets people locate their car and lock it remotely.

For 33 of the apps, their vulnerability was deemed low risk - this means the data that is vulnerable to interception is only partially sensitive.24 of the apps were deemed medium risk - so hackers would be able to intercept service login details and more sensitive information.

Mr Strafach said the security hole 'is derived from networking-related code within i OS applications being misconfigured in a highly unfortunate manner'.

The infosec expert said it was mainly a problem when the phone was connected to Wi-Fi.

Always use complex, unique passwords for each website you visit.

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Beef up your Password: It’s a good chance that a sizable amount of the accounts that were compromised used weak passwords, or re-used passwords on other services.If somehow above method does not work, hacker tries the second option, confirm Whats App account from Whatsapp call. If a hacker is your friend or enemy, he can do this task very easily.The Internet is full of Spy and Parental android apps.Brooklyn students hacked into the intimate Facebook exchanges between a teacher and her ex-boyfriend, leaving her feeling unsafe in her own school.Kids at Urban Action Academy in Canarsie made color photocopies of a screen grab of social studies teacher Angela Costa’s private message — in which she thanked her lover for giving her “a couple of orgasms” — and spread it throughout the entire building on June 13, sources said.