Horoscopes relating to dating

05 Mar

In 2017, you'll put all that introspection to good use. If you're in a relationship: This is the year to look closely at your relationship and ask yourself if it's lighting you up or dragging you down. come down with a case of the heart-eyes, they're for someone who's respectful, responsible and mature — a total "meet the family" type who happens to adore you completely.

Anyone you meet this year will have to pass a test before you let them into your heart. Pay special attention when Venus goes retrograde from March 4 to April 15 — issues beyond your control could flare up in a difficult way. If you're in a relationship: Your love forecast: sunny with zero chance of breakups. This is the year you'll really dive into your relationship and find a ~whole new level~ of love. That's Pluto hanging out in Capricorn — astro-speak for lighting up your love life!

They are on a quest for truth and making the world better for others.

Although the Pisces does not seek leadership, he can be found leading a movement for a cause that he is passionate about.

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There's no denying that personal relationships are a profound part of life.

They offer experiences that shape our thoughts and patterns and bring perspective to our personal nature -- perspective we might never encounter on our own.

If you're in a relationship: This is the year to take a magnifying glass to your relationship and give it a thorough assessment. You'll have the courage to make your feelings known — and break things off if the situation doesn't improve.

On the other hand, if you and your bae hit October 11 feeling strong, you'll spend the rest of 2017 more committed than ever. If so, green light, pass go, collect 0 — you've met your match.