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14 Apr

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It is not known with whom she is entangling her hearts recently but her past boyfriend is identified as none other than producer, journalist and lead singer of the band orgy Jay Gordon.

- Jill Wagner Silky haired and gorgeous looking with chubby cheeks, Jillian Suzanne aka "Jill" Wagner is well known in the United States of America as television actress, reality game show personality and model.

She is extremely popular among geeks and teens in the country for co-hosting the popular game-show series Wipeout since 2008.

This talented and rising American actress, model and TV personality, has always remained in the spotlight, be it because of her sizzling photos on hotshot magazines, or her brand name as "The Mercury Girl".

The flawless and brilliant actress was also ranked on the Maxim Hot 100 Women back in 2004 and now everyone wants to know all the details of her.