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15 May

From our free credit card machine equipment placement program and seamless checkout experience to faster funding and detailed real-time analytics, Pay Anywhere equips your business with the credit card processing and business tools it needs for real success.LEARN MOREThink of Pay Anywhere Inside as your command center - we've got the data and tools you need to manage your business.” I said that I have read the documents they gave me, and from reading them and talking to my manager it is very clear that the way I have been using the card up until now is inappropriate. ” I said that I am happy if I pay only my rent and food, and they can basically take the rest of my pay until it is covered.The next thing they asked was, “Just to be clear, you have k of personal expenses and you can’t pay the entire amount in one lump sum. My manager’s boss said she is not happy with that, because it will put me under stress which might lead me to some other act of desperation or make my job performance suffer.She said that they need to go back to the finance team to figure out the next steps, and she stated she would schedule a meeting for Thursday (of this past week).I haven’t heard back from her regarding this, and I assume she is still waiting to hear back from the finance team and attempting to come up with a fix for this situation.She further stated that because it is such a large amount, they do not have the budget to pay it in order for me to repay the company slowly.

I said that I had and I could provide rejected loan applications to show the effort I have been going through to get this debt into my name.Although incidence of credit card fraud is limited to about 0.1% of all card transactions, this has resulted in huge financial losses as the fraudulent transactions have been large value transactions.In 1999, out of 12 billion transactions made annually, approximately 10 million—or one out of every 1200 transactions—turned out to be fraudulent.Offering ease of use, the most robust mobile payments processing app, and live customer support, Pay Anywhere will take your business where it needs to go.Think of Pay Anywhere Inside as your command center - we've got the data and tools you need to manage your business.