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18 May

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" Dudley asked himself."Kitty, nice to see you again. He was referring to the time Dudley and Kitty fake-married in order to stop Snaptrap and the Chameleon from stealing wedding presents."Oh, we didn't really get married.

Kitty woke up on her couch, and she felt tear stains on her face "What, what happened?

" Luna shrugged "I'm just working.." Kitty sighed and took of her ear muffs "Luna, this has to stop" Luna looked at her through her goggles."What are you talking about? Her lover, her daughter, her entire race, she gave it all up to save Petropolis, the Chief awarded her with a earth identity and a house so she could blend in and villains would stop trying to go after her, after the final battle with P. " Kitty sighed and sat down at her desk."It's been a whole year... " Kitty shook her head "No Dudley, it was Pest, not just you, we all did stupid things against her, I betrayed her trust, you shattered her love life and Pest forced her to kill her entire race" Dudley's ears went down "Her life is hard huh?

" Kitty hated how Luna was staying in her lab like this, it has been one full year since Luna the Alien died on the P. " Kitty nodded "That's why as her only real friends we need to be there for her, help her through this, there has to be a way to help her" Dudley took her hand and smiled."Your right Kitty, and we will" Kitty blushed as he held her hand "Hey now.." Dudley kissed her cheek and went to his own desk, even though Dudley cheated on Kitty with Luna, they gave it another try and were actually doing pretty well, Kitty didn't let him touch her in any sexually way yet, because she wanted to take it slow this time and things were great.

:)A tan cat girl walked into a black room as several monitors turned on showing only darkened figures "Agent, we have received information that one of the Breaches of the Undercover Fighting Force has obtained a top secret weapon, created by a high class villain known as Bird Brain, he is a mad genius and has almost destroyed the world a couple times with his mad schemes, however this device isn't a normal doomsday machine, we don't know what it does, or why it was made, we want you to go to it's location and find out everything you can about it" the girl nodded and they continued."The location is actually in your home town, as you know you are not to tell anyone what you are and how you know about the weapon must never be known, your home town as you know is in Petropolis, go into the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force and investigate that machine, if anyone learns about what you truly are, you will be on your own, good luck Agent" the cat girl nodded again and left the room.*Meanwhile* A tan cat girl smiled as she looked at herself in the mirror, her black hair was in her favorite style with a headband and her green eyes sparked "Heehee, even on the job, I should look my best" she messed with her eyelashes when the building shook "Wha!? " she covered her eye with her hand "What was that!? Kitty could see she had been crying again from the tear marks on her furry cheeks " punishing yourself over Eve's..know?

(A/N: For those of you who don't know, 'Kitaly' is the country Eric bought for him and Kitty, and its borders are in the shape of Kitty's head.)"YES! Katrina walked over to Kitty (who was hanging all over Eric), and she said, "Kitty Katswell, we need to talk.""Can't talk now.

Now Kitty wanted to help Luna up on her feet, and she was glad Luna finally agreed to come over, she needed friends, her thoughts were interrupted by a voice over the intercom "Agents Puppy and Katswell, report to my office!

(A/N: I know I posted this story a while back, but I have decided to re-write it. He said that even though you married this guy, there was something you needed to know about him!

Hope it's still good.)It was a fair day in the city of Petropolis, except for the fact that F. " Katrina reminded her."And did Dudley say what it was?

Once they were far away from everybody, Katrina said, "Are you out of your mind?! " Kitty said."Kitty, you've been all over him because of his looks! Besides, remember when Dudley was able to predict the future?