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01 Apr

In contrast, a separate class of "physicians" treated physical injuries (but not conditions like depression).The first historical understanding of depression was thus that depression was a spiritual (or mental) illness rather than a physical one.

But something at home‘s inspiring her to keep wearing all those bikinis on the beach.

Ancient Greeks and Romans were divided in their thinking about the causes of melancholia.

Literature of the time was filled with references to mental illness caused by spirits or demons. C., the Greek historian Herodotus wrote about a king who was driven mad by evil spirits.

Hours later, Alley excitedly shared a sweet close up of her newborn grandson Waylon, noting in the caption that she is a “proud Gammy.”Alley has two kids – William, 23, and Lillie, 22 – whom she adopted with her second husband, “Baywatch” star Parker Stevenson.

Although the couple divorced in 1997, they shared joint custody of their kids.