Lauren and kent dating 2016

28 Feb

But when Megz asked Derek "who's your celebrity man crush", that gave it away.I mean yes but at the same time not really, because when a guy says 'man crush' or girl says 'girl crush' it's generally acknowledged to mean not a real crush, but kind of a joke crush or platonic crush on someone of the same sex.She Wasn't Always Lala Back in the day, she was known as Lauryn Kent.

She also portrayed an antagonizing but friendship-starved efficiency expert on Newsradio. B, which was burned off by NBC in the summer months before the premiere of Gilmore Girls.and not everybody can do the same as I said........... That's why you call it man crush and not a real crush. A while back I heard that he went out of the closet I read billy was his boyfriend during the show, then it was another male dancer during the tour I think he said he was gay on afterbuzz tooso it is possible he is neither straight or gay but bisexual. He could dance whatever character was throw at him: straight and gay.... Asking for "man crush" is usually what you would ask a straight guy. In one interview he said that he had kissed girls and it helped to portray his character., and off-screen, they've been spending a lot of time togeher, but what's really happening between the two reality stars?“I’ve always clicked with James,” Kent said during an interview with Radar Online on Wednesday. But like I said, no matter what our title may be, we’re always going to be the closest of friends.” “I had known him for a long time,” she continued of her relationship with the season four wild child.“I’ve been going to Sur since I was 18 years old, so I’ve seen employees come and go.