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31 Jan

Legal Aid is generally not available for making an APVO application.An interim (temporary) order can be obtained that takes effect when the defendant is served with a copy of the order and remains in force until the matter is heard by the court (Part 6 Interim court orders).We carried on normally and just took it on the chin.Then the dirty looks got worse by the day, to the extent that neighbours would sit watching us in their windows making us feel uncomfortable.Dray is pursuing a criminal justice degree at Penn Foster College.Disputes among neighbors are a part of life, and most don’t reach past the point of a minor annoyance.

Try to understand your neighbor’s position and offer an alternative if his requests seem unreasonable.I try to walk in the garden but now my next door neighbour comes out and stares and stares at me, this makes my walking worse than ever.I stagger a lot and fall and now with that man staring at me when walking I try to hurry to get indoors out of his sight and this makes me stagger worse. I'd start from the point of view that the simplest possible explanation is correct until proven otherwise.If a neighbour is intimidating or harassing you, or causing you to fear for your safety or the safety of your family or your property, you can apply to a court for an apprehended personal violence order (APVO) under the An APVO is the order suitable for neighbours.An ADVO is suitable for people in a domestic relationship, for example a partner, child or relative.