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13 Apr

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.I think the real issue here is that many Americans can't understand why during the election process no main stream media outlet made a real effort to vet Obama...all of these appointments he is making and this organization he is somehow affiliated with are being questioned based on their outlandish statements and alleged illegal activities.

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If the media had done its job everyone would fully understand Obamas background as a "Community Organizer" and what exactly that means and entails, they would fully understand the part that Acorn played in causing the recession and the part they played in getting Obama elected in the Primaries, people would fully understand what Black Liberation Theology teaches and how it grew out of the Black Power movement, they would fully understand what the Black Value system and would know what Obama really believes...there was a cost to Obama when the media gave him a "Free" ride, that is that Many Americans who voted for him still don't have any idea what he really believes in...since he never had to answer these questions many Americans have to use the available data and common sense to draw their own problematic for Obama because you can only surround yourself with so many radicals and corrupt organizations before people come to realize that you probably agree with them and their practices other wise why would such an "Intelligent" man surround himself with these types?

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As you know the video was not presented when I asked for a source , but credible evidence as I presented is nothing to the far right as I have previously stated the truth is not a requirement to advance distortional hyperboil like you are trying to advance Calling every logical argument distortion, is lazy.

Just because you lack the ability to draw logical conclusions based on the available information doesn't mean that there is any distortion, the only distortion is in your thinking....seriously a bunch of fake voter registration forms, no ID required in some places to vote and you are adamant that there is no possibility that any Voter Fraud took Place?