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14 Apr

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I think if you are a DECENT and KIND female, it's uncomfortable because you are looking for a kind way to indicate your lack of interest and maybe at a loss how to do that.

Constant attention is the drawback of being a pro athlete. Everyone wants their legacy to be dictated by their actions on the court.

Obviously, it's not at all the type of list that he'd want to be apart of. Either way, they make Tim Tebow look pretty smart right about now.

Since I'm old enough to be considered "basically harmless" I've been privy to a number of conversations of flirting v perv. I agree that it is uncomfortable if a man you don't find at ALL attractive flirts with you. I think we girls assumed the end goal of flirting was indicating that you found a woman attractive and wanted to do something about that.

Generally, if a guy talks to her mouth or above, lots of eye contact (cue "windows to the soul" thing), it's considered flirting. We tend to assume that IS always the end goal unless you're OBVIOUSLY gay or clearly coming from some other 'safe' (friend, co-worker, joking etc.) place. A HOT guy comes onto in a style that is very graphic and forward without there being any previous justification for such. Context here and the nature of the female will determine where this goes. An "unattractive" (for whatever reason) man "flirts" with a girl and she has no reason to dismiss the flirtation as 'innocent'?