Radgrid objectdatasource not updating

24 Apr

If not please suggest other ways to get the ajax call to work without disbaling the viewstate property. vithiya Ok, while there was no response for my previous question, here is another one.I am now trying to move the Ajax Manager control to the master page and manage ajax calls on the content page using the Ajax Manager Proxy control. In the first and the last case, it kept saying that the control did not exist in the context. vithiya Hi Vithiya, I think that the following online demo: And Window/Default CS.aspx?Is there anyway to prevent this action while still using the Object Data Source?When you assign a Data Source ID on the Grid View, the grid will automatically bind to the Object Data Source. I also tried to set the Data Source property, instead of the Data Source ID, and then manually binding it but I'd have to work manually code in the paging too then which defeats the purposed using the Object Data Source control.

I created a new property for the provider name which gets the value from the Rad Combo Box Selected Item.I want the grid on the parent page to refresh without having to do a full page refresh. Please look at my code that I posted earlier and confirm that at least I am going in the right direction. vithiya I have a question about setting the Enable View State property to false. I can debug the code and see that the server side code does fireup and the grid rebinds successfully. It's the grid on the screen that does not show the updated data.I have a Grid View to which I've using an Object Data Soure as the data source.The Object Data Source is taking in parameters from a Text Box and Drop Down List which is then passed into the stored procedure.