Sagittarius man dating a sagittarius woman

20 May

Famous Sagittarius-Pisces Couple: Tyra Banks and Chris Webber There isn’t a lot of glue to keep these two together. This woman has places to go, people to see, and things to do.

Both are humanitarian, involved in the world at large, good folks round and round who may bump into each other through shared activities such as Habitat for Humanity or the local homeless shelter, but when did philosophy ever hold a marraige together? One way to win an evening with her is to tag along.

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Aries man and Sagittarius woman happily help anyone who needs their help.When it comes to the Sagittarius personality, his/her friendliness may earn a reputation of being overly flirtatious.In fact he/she is generally known as one big flirt, but despite the hankering for a platonic partner with which to roam around and have as much fun as possible, the Sagittarius does also have a more serious side.His endless curiosity supports her need for taking chances and seeking out different options.These two zodiac signs feed each other’s desire to live life to the fullest.