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15 Feb

The building was completed with landscaping in place in 1908.

It was named "El Garces" in honor of Father Francisco Garces, a missionary who visited the area in 1776.

There is not one shred of evidence that I have found in my very extensive studies of the building of the first railroad across the Sierra to support anything even close to what Steiner wrote. Their ancestors had built fortresses in the Yangtze gorges, carved and laid the stones for the Great Wall [of China].

He is the very worst historian it has been my misfortune to read about. I most sincerely regret that you are using Steiner's trash. AND THEN the day came when the final spike, the "Golden Spike," was to be hammered down to bold the last length of track. In celebration of the occasion, the dignitaries came—bankers and railroad tycoons, politicians and railroad men—to be photographed at the uniting of the nation.

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The Needles train depot and Harvey House has been of great importance to area history.

Scott; digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society. The above railroad will be opened for business on Monday, June 28th, 1869, between Topeka and Carbondale, at which point trains connect with stages for Burlingame and Emporia. There are on the road hither, direct from the manufacturers, two engines, [11] two passenger coaches, twelve flat cars and twenty coal cars. The coal in the mines that are now being worked is about twenty-five feet below the surface. It is expected that Burlingame will then give a "blow out." of September 18, 1869, his rhetoric was something marvelous: [ALL HAIL! Six thousand years had she kept up the eternal round, but at last the Railroad reached Burlingame. She is a heavy freight engine, larger than any heretofore put on. We are happy to announce that the track layers on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroad arrived here yesterday. Pierce, treasurer of the railroad, from the Rhode Island Locomotive Works in Providence, about the middle of June, 1869. Peter, June 20, 1869, in "Treasurer's Letter Books," Santa Fe archives. Law to regulate size of shrimping nets reduces size of catches. Supreme Court makes admission of immigrants sole responsibility of the federal government.San Francisco Anti-Queue Law orders shaving off queues of all Chinese arrested. All state statutes restricting immigration are declared unconstitutional.1877 – reclamation of 5 million acres of Delta land is begun; The Workingmen’s Party of California, a political organization consisting of white laborers, coins the anti-Chinese slogan, “The Chinese Must Go! California lobbies Congress to exclude the Chinese.1879 – Introduction of Clamshell Digger to Delta reclamation project.The year may be omitted when a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work, with accompanying textual matter, if any, is reproduced in or on greeting cards, postcards, stationery, jewelry, dolls, toys, or useful articles.This work is in the public domain because it was published in the United States between 19 and without a copyright notice.