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17 Mar

They can speak, despite not having mouths (with the exception of GIR).SIR Units can be given markings to distinguish them from other SIR units, as shown with Mi Mi, having an Irken emblem on her forehead.Loreta first discovered Rose’s message to Lawrence questioning why he was on line.In suspicion, Loreta said she then took Lawrence’s phone and started chatting with Rose, disguising to be Lawrence.Their workplace romance came to light after Tsitsi’s husband, only identified as Baba Ruth caught her chatting with Jackson and grabbed the mobile phone and went through their conversations.

Lawrence’s sister in law agreed to sleep with him for a cellphone and US.“When other nurses will be busy treating patients, Tsitsi and Jackson will be busy salivating to have sex, that is what I read from their conversations, she asked him for time to have sex.“I have lost patience with this woman and my worry is about our kids and I considered their fate when I decided to forgive Tsitsi on the first incident.Whilst asking her leading questions, Loreta then found out that the two were having an adulterous affair.“My husband came back from work around pm and I took his phone to charge it.