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26 Feb

Arie has spent the last 49 years as an art educator, with the last 13 years here at Soka.Dear Neighbor, One of my top Senate priorities is working to make effective use of the tax dollars you already pay to Sacramento.California Penal Code Section 314 says no exposing private parts in public, but that doesn’t stop lovers from enjoying a romping quickie on the sand when libidos are as hot as the summer sun.Planning sex on the beach takes the spontaneity right out of the fun, but if you are in the neighborhood and you want to stop playing it safe, a little privacy can turn ordinary beach sex into a heated full-body experience.We can never repay what they gave, but we recognize their sacrifice by showing our respect.May God bless the fallen and their families, and may we always remember that freedom is not free.Sadly, the scene of the crime is no more, United California Bank was replaced by a shopping center.Back in 1924, Santa Ana’s YMCA educational director, Ralph Smedley, wanted to help young, tongue-tied members become better public speakers, so he created a club in the building’s basement where they could practice.

Between Shaw’s Cove and Crescent Bay, you will find a private area meant for two.Legendary vaudevillian/songwriter Jack Norworth moved to Laguna Beach not long after writing the song (supposedly the third most popular in America behind the national anthem and “Happy Birthday") in 1908, and Little Leaguers in Laguna still play for a trophy named for him each season.The staircase to Victoria Beach is hidden in an alley between two homes on Victoria Dr.Please see the “Upcoming Events” section below for a listing of Memorial Day events near you.By Carisa Carlton Collecting seashells on the beach as a child was fun, but hiking up a short skirt on the beach with the man you love is the best souvenir.