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09 Mar

She always looks cool but she's never overdone.

Gigi's striped dress is by Michael Kors and we love the bold blue and white combination, mini length and high neck.

The term "franglais" is first attested in France in 1959, but was popularised by the academic, novelist and critic Étiemble in his denunciation of the overuse of English terms in French, "Parlez-vous franglais", published in 1964.

In English, Franglais means a mangled combination of English and French, produced either by poor knowledge of one or the other language, native bilingualism, or humorous intent.

Franglais usually consists of either filling in gaps in one's knowledge of French with English words, using false friends with their incorrect meaning, or speaking French in such a manner that (although ostensibly "French") would be incomprehensible to a French speaker who does not also have a knowledge of English (for example, by using a literal translation of English idiomatic phrases).

From Petit Bateau to Missguided there's one for every budget.

It's the perfect day dress and as we all know stripes is one of those trends that just never goes away.

Whatever the time of year they're always in style and will add a touch of Riviera chic to your ensemble.

In fact her off duty look has become our new favourite source of sartorial inspiration.

This outfit at the Montreal Grand Prix is another example of her simple and easy to wear aesthetic.