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18 Feb

But apart from offering professional astronomers access to the latest technologies in this favourable environment, ESO also encourages members of its staff who are amateur astronomers in their free time to take advantage of the clear skies.

The ESO education and Public Outreach Department has proudly designated night-sky photographers with special ties to ESO as ESO Photo Ambassadors, assisting them whenever possible and further promoting their photos, so as to bring astronomy closer to people.

One last thing: those plastic gardening shoes that somehow made it into the acceptable mainstream of fashion footwear?

And thus: doing this performance together “is a bit off territory, and that’s the attraction of working together.”It’s clear that it is appealing for them to do this together.

Many forces, narratives and possibilities move through us in any give moment.” What he and Meg do not have, Etchells said during the talk, is a “shared methodology”.

Born in Parma in 1975, Alberto Ghizzi Panizza has been interested in photography since childhood.

He started using digital cameras in 1998 with a 0.06 megapixel model.