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08 Apr

Namely the method (or a new, overloaded version of that method) should have an argument that allows the caller to specify whether it expects it to return XOP encoded or decoded data, i.e.whether it is prepared to handle elements or expects to get base64 encoded data instead.The focus area is how to configure and use Spring WS.Details about how to create an XSD schema and JAXB classes are explained in this tutorial.There are several known issues related to MTOM (or more generally XOP) processing in Spring-WS.

There is therefore no easy fix and a proper solution will require changes to the API.

This tutorial demonstrates how to develop a web service with Spring WS.

It’s a contract first web service that uses JAXB for the binding.

Interceptors are useful for applying specific functionality to required request as required by the application.

There are built-in interceptors provided by Spring Framework and if required client interceptors can be written and configured according to application requirement.