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10 Apr

Otherwise, each time you call that method, the newly found strings will be added to the same list as before and you'll have duplicates. The solution works, and I was able to provide a code example that he could use.And after reading your comment I don't have any doubts about my down vote.I want to update a class library (a single DLL file) in a production web application. I read an answer on Stack Overflow (sorry, can't seem to find it anymore because the Search function does not work very well), that led me to believe that I could just paste the new DLL in the bin folder and it would be picked up without problems (this would cause the WP to recycle, which is fine with me because we do not use In Proc session state).If you access it through the Favorites hierarchy or the Other Calendars list, Outlook 2003 is likely to experience corruption of the custom forms cache. I've checked your problem and it works with my Outlook 2007 as described by Sue the following way: The trick to adding a public folder calendar to the Other Calendars list is to switch to the folder list and drag the calendar folder to your Public Folder\Favorites area.Microsoft has a hotfix designed to solve this problem. The public folder calendar automatically becomes available in the Other Calendars list.

Updating drivers can be a little complicated, so this visual tutorial should help clarify any confusion you might have had looking over the how-to.How can I add a public folder calendar to the list of Other Calendars in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 so that I can see it side-by-side with my personal mailbox Calendar folder?The ability to display multiple calendars side-by-side is one of the most useful new features in Outlook 2003.Adding folders to the index will allow them to be quickly searched, which is useful if you find yourself looking in the folder a lot.There are two main ways you can add files to the Windows Search index: Adding folders to your libraries, and adding locations directly to the index.