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10 Apr

Phil yesterday, she kept hidden from him shocking secrets about her turbulent life that led to her recent embarrassing alcohol arrest, according to the 2006 book 'House of Hilton'.The Real Housewives star, who is Paris Hilton's aunt, claimed that one of the reasons for her drunkenness that resulted in the confrontation with police was the stress of caring for her first husband, Monty Brinson, who is dying of cancer.Half & Half is an American sitcom that aired on UPN from September 23, 2002, to May 15, 2006.The show focuses on the lives of two paternal half-sisters in their twenties who were estranged throughout their childhood, and are finally developing a close relationship. It was the second-most-watched show on UPN's Monday night line-up (next to Girlfriends) and fourth overall on the network.Get ready because Tish Cyrus and Brandi Cyrus are ready to redecorate your home — that is, if they don't let competition get in the way of their interior design dreams in the process.The mother-daughter duo has teamed up for , set to premiere on Bravo this May.Sister, Sister was picked up by ABC as a midseason replacement and debuted on April 1, 1994 as part of the network's TGIF comedy lineup.

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Phil, author Jerry Oppenheimer, in his blockbuster book, House of Hilton, documented Kim's troubled early life, attributing much to her driven, ambitious, four-times married stage mother, Kathy Dugan.

The cast, along with Tia and Tamera Mowry, also featured Jackee Harry as Tia's mother, Tim Reid as Tamera's father, and Marques Houston as their annoying neighbor.

Ron Reaco Lee and Deon Richmond joined the main cast in the fifth season.

The two accidentally found each other fourteen years later and reunited.

Created by Kim Bass, Gary Gilbert and Fred Shafferman, the series was produced by de Passe Entertainment and Paramount Network Television.