Updating records in ms access

20 May

The key concept with this tutorial is the fact that the node inside an ODBC data connection (as we saw in the tutorial on selecting specific database records) can be used to execute all sorts of SQL statements — not just "select" queries.

updating records in ms access-16

This achieves the same effect as using count(distinct Reports To).

But you need to send a mailing to each contact using the customer's address.

You can use a query to show each contact, the customer name, and the mailing address of the customer.

It turns out that Access Jet Engine does not support count(distinct xxx) syntax, which is supported by all major DBMS systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, etc.

The solution to this problem is to write a sub-query in the FROM clause to retrieve all the qualified distinct records, then in the outer query in the SELECT statement, do a count for the number of records returned by the sub-query.