Who is carly simon dating

10 May

Carly Simon‘s memoir isn’t really the stuff of tabloids.

And the stories in it are from thirty and forty years ago. Back during his marriage to Simon, well think Justin Timberlake. (Makes you wonder if we’ll hear the John Mayer stories in 20 years.) When rock stars are hot, fidelity is not hi.

In his upcoming memoir, Following their 1987 wedding, Simon, now 71, and Hart traveled between homes in New York City and Martha’s Vineyard with celebrity friends including the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Diane Sawyer, and President Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But as the marriage began to crumble 13 years later, Hart realized he couldn’t ignore his long-held feelings for men.

"I was the new kid on the block and they gravitated towards me." Are most of the men she's encountered philanderers? "That's not quite true, but I mean that's what men do.

I don't know many men who don't walk down the street and covet at least five women within a 10-block radius, and think about doing something about it." Simon then launches her vole thesis.

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After meeting up with a man named Roberto from a gay hook-up line, Hart threw away more than 20 years of sobriety from substances and tried a hit of “rock,” or crack cocaine, for the first time. She’s in a race with her second husband, James Hart, to see who can publish an autobiography first.While Carly got a million advance three years ago, and recently turned in her manuscript, Random House still doesn’t have a title for her memoir or a publication date. ) elephant in the room, which happens to be a chilly hotel conservatory in west London. I'll playfully mention that I think "Nobody Does It Better" is the best James Bond song and then in a throwaway fashion, ask "You're So Vain", so it is about Beatty or Jagger, or both? "That it's a girl." It's the great, white, vain (Warren Beatty-shaped, perhaps?