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24 Apr

And how are sex workers supposed to safely make a living if their clients constantly fear arrest? The driving desire behind Bill C-36 is to "end demand" for prostitution so that it's eventually eradicated.

Couple this with the trope that all sex workers are inherently victims, and here's where we end up.

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It also comes with a corresponding rise in the number of (mostly) men prosecuted for purchasing sex, and the likelihood of little to no reduction in the power of the police state.The whole process is really the product of a perfect storm in the American dating market.Reasonably attractive girls, increasingly suspicious of—and awkward around—strangers don’t go “out” as much as they used to, less amenable to the prospect of being approached by “creepy guys,” even as men approach girls less and less.One friend’s father bought a bubble light and affixed it to the roof of his car; when the boys heard a distress call from a stranded motorist, he’d drive them to the side of the highway.There wasn’t much they could do beyond offering to call 911, but the adventure made them feel heroic.