Word is updating the fields in the document

30 Jan

Perhaps it had been deleted from the server, or moved, or renamed — any of these meant that it wasn’t where the link said it should be.Therefore, when Word tried to update the fields, it went looking for something that didn’t exist and got itself into an infinite loop of looking and looking.It is nice to have consistent looking documents, and Word templates can help you achieve this.

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NOTE: You must be using automated caption numbering, Word’s heading styles (mostly), and automated cross-references (x-refs) for these steps to work.

The Explore Quick Parts button is found in the Text group.

The left side of the Field dialog box contains scrolling lists of categories in the Field Names list.

To take advantage of fields, you use the Field dialog box.

To summon this dialog box, click the Insert tab, and then choose Explore Quick Parts→Field.