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29 Mar

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Heat Reactive Materials Heat reactive materials change state, shape and/or color when exposed to temperatures above ambient. In this post I’ll go over polymorph, shape memory polymers and heat-shrink materials.

What’s special about some of them that their state, shape and/or color can be altered at relatively low temperatures (provided through hot water, body heat, hair dryers, ambient heaters, ovens, or just a hot summer day), making them easy to use and suitable for DIY projects.

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Scoop it out of the hot water bath (with tongs or something like that) and shape it by hand or press it into a mold (see video above).

Through a long time partnership with Gardella Racing, we realize that there is no better product when it comes to oil.

The lines include, Mobil 1, Mobil Super, and Mobil Special.

Once molded let the polymorph cool completely – you’ll know it’s ready when it turns back to solid white.

You can also melt polymorph with a hair dryer or a heat gun, but avoid using flames (such as a lighter) as this will blacken the material.